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Robert McClung Biography

Robert McClung's exemplary and diverse career all began when he was a very small boy. His magical, musical journey began with his Grandfather, Donald Mcullick, a country singer/guitarist, who spent the 1950's touring and performing with blockbuster artists such as Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison. Grandpa would take his young protege out to the swing under the apple tree in the backyard and show him songs on an old acoustic guitar. He would later give that guitar to Robert. That guitar was the key to the music box of Robert's life. A life long dedicated to the art and craft of music.

Robert's high school years were very non-traditional. While most students spent time at football games and pep rallies, Robert spent his time performing in pit orchestras and composing for local theater companies. His extensive theater credits include work with the Hampton Playhouse, the Portsmouth Academy of Performing Arts, the Seacoast Reparatory Company and the Portland Stage Company. Robert was comfortable on both sides of the stage. He was an accomplished performer, composer and overall technical advisor even in his teens.

After graduating High School, Robert took on the daunting task of recording his first solo album "Obstacles Overhead". The album featured members of Capitol Records recording artists Thanks to Gravity and Pondering Judd. All of his hard work paid off and the album received airplay on many local radio stations.

The allure and glamour of the Rock and Roll life soon called, and Robert found himself fronting a heavy Metal power trio called Nine Shades of White. The group toured extensively throughout the east coast, and recorded two well received albums.

After taking time to record projects with Boston based singer Rick Skeehan and the world renowned Irish folk group the Makem Brothers, Robert joined a group called Two Much Trouble, and performed on their album "Frankenstein". The group earned a wild reputation with its heavily modified tour bus that spit flames and transformed into a mobile stage.

In the summer of 1997 Robert was enlisted as the lead guitarist for the premier seacoast rock group 202 The Band. For the next 5 years he rocked crowds every weekend all over the New England area. In 2002 the group released the album "En Route". Many of the songs featured on the album were either written or co-written by Robert.

Always anxious to take drastic "left turns" along his musical path, Robert accepted an invitation by the renowned New York City based jazz guitarist Larry Simon to perform in two of his large scale new age, rock, jazz ensembles, Collective Consciousness and Infinite Soul. Each group sported, at times, over twenty members. This setting not only gave Robert the chance to tread on new musical ground, but it also gave him the chance to explore new instruments like mandolin and electric violin. Robert is now officially endorsed by NS Design violins

Rock and Roll of course was never far from his heart, so of course he did just that. Robert next found himself playing second guitar for his close friend and virtuoso guitarist Dan Miller in the Dan Miller Band. This heavy metal goliath created enough of a rumble to make it into the final round of the Boston based Beantown Meltdown battle of the bands.

In 2005 Robert finally found the time to release his second solo album, "Dust Covered Man". Produced by Grammy nominated producer Mac Richey, it was a somewhat dark and introspective, acoustic based, singer songwriter album that featured flutist Cynthia Chatis and blues harmonica guru "Hatrack" Gallagher. Robert's version of Pink Floyd's "Goodbye Blue Sky" had the distinction of being voted the 2nd best cover of a Pink Floyd song on iTunes, during 2005. Ritchie Havens, the internationally known folk singer, has also given his stamp of approval on Robert's version of "Darkness Darkness".

In the spring of 2007 Robert was given the immense honor of performing as a member of the world famous Irish soul band "The Commitments" on their 2007 U.S. tour, filling in for the bands ailing original guitarist Kenneth McCluskey.

2007 also saw the release of a series of Hypnotherapy CD's by therapist Sharon O'Connor that featured music written and recorded by Robert. He has also written music for independent films and television. Several pieces written by Robert were used on the television series "Knights of Mayhem" and in 2018 Robert was enlisted to co-write the music for the independent film "Woodland Alchemy" along with singer Jenna Greene.

In 2007 Robert also found time to reunite with some of his old 202 band mates in a short lived group called Stone Circle. Unfortunately the band was shelved after the untimely death of their friend and bass player Dave Holebrook. Another close friend and bandmate, Tom Doyle, passed in 2012. 

In 2008 Robert had the pleasure to study with British classical guitar master Edward Flower, expanding his already diverse background even more. Later that year he was recruited to do transcriptions for Guy Davis, a popular performer in the modern blues world and son of famous actor Ossie Davis.


In 2009 Robert was invited to join the faculty of Rocksource 360. An online music school whose faculty includes Ben Connolly (RA), Jon Donais (Shadows Fall), Dave Ellefson (Megadeth), Mike Mangini (Steve Vai, Dream Theater) and Zak Stevens (Savatage, Trans-Siberian Orchestra).

2009 also saw the birth of Robert's own recording studio, the Dragon's Den, and the start of the project for which he is most well known, Telergy. An orchestral progressive rock juggernaut that has swept the progressive rock world by storm. Over the course of three albums, "The Exodus", "The Legend of Goody Cole" and "Hypatia", the project has featured performers from such notable groups such as Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Yes, Kansas, Queensryche, Twisted Sister, Night Ranger, Savatage, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Sympony X, Kamelot, Rhapsody of Fire, Hawkwind, Magellan, Spock's Beard, the Boston Symphony Orchestra and more. Visit for more info.

In 2010 Robert joined with his old friend, blues singer, T.J. Wheeler to record a record for the charity organization "Raising the Blues" a group that provides music lessons for special needs and underprivileged children in the New England area.

2010 also saw Robert's return to acting, when German based toy company "Ravensburger" enlisted him to voice the role of "the Gnome" in the new, electronic version of their wildly popular "Labyrinth" game.

Besides all his accomplishments as a writer, producer and performer, Robert has also earned a reputation as a gifted music educator. Giving private instruction at Equinox World Music in Portsmouth, NH, Exeter Music in Exeter, NH, Lincoln Akerman School in Hampton Falls, NH, and serving for eight years as Assistant Director at Music Makers in Hampton, NH.

In 2016 Robert's Telergy project won the prestigious Indiprog award for Album of the Year, for the album "Hypatia". And in 2017, an album Robert produced for guitarist Ryan Judd charted in the top ten of the Billboard new age album list.

In 2019 Robert was nominated for an Emmy award for the music he co-wrote with vocalist Jenna Greene for the film "The Woodland Alchemy".

When Robert isn't making music he enjoys fine art, renaissance fairs and sleeping.

And the journey continues...

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